What is a Plan?

Safety First

This Blog was originally plotted to be very simple, explaining my journey home to Wisconsin for my “Extended Vacation.” I have been back officially one week today and had hoped to write this little adventure sooner than today. Still, I chose to enjoy this time with my family. Even if I’m in quarantine and a lot of stores are still closed so there isn’t a lot to do, they have found ways to make this first week something special.

So far, being home has been great and relaxing. It’s so different from my typical day to day life of the last five years and even more than if you had included my four and a half years of dorm living. In one way or another, I have been living on my own for the last eight years, and I have very much enjoyed the freedom that it gave me and the significant amount of personal growth that has occurred.

Thanks to Covid, I find myself taking a few steps back, but I know these steps are only temporary. After a lot of thought and consideration, my family and I have decided that returning home to Texas isn’t a safe or logical decision for now. So instead of waiting a few months to move back, I can say that minus the need to get my things from Texas, I am officially home for the next six months.

Two weeks, one month, six months. Every day is different every week plans change. Every moment is question unspoken because there is no clear answer. In the last month, my favorite phrase has become “Six months is a long time.” We really can’t predict what life will be like in six months. Think about it. In January, we celebrated the start of 2020, and unless you could see the future, there wasn’t one person on this earth who could have predicted the craziness of the last six months. That’s right, at this moment, we are only six months into the year, and in these last six months I have seen, heard, and experienced things that were not on my “2020 goals” list. Now instead of planning for the future, I have to consider tomorrow because tomorrow something could happen that will change the events of ‘today’ forever. What matters is how we handle them.

Go back to last Friday. My Last day of work for the next six months. The bittersweet moment of saying goodbye for now to my coworkers. Talking about plans of going home, coming back, and going home again. Clearing my desk and leaving my key before finally taking my box and going home. This was never the plan when the year began, but it is what it is. I will make the best of the time given to me. I will let this time go by doing nothing. I snuggled my kitties and finished packing to leave on Saturday… not realizing then that it would be my last time (for the rest of the year).

Time with Mom

Now to Saturday, I found that I hate taking afternoon flights. I sit around all day and checking over and over to make sure I have all of the things I need to bring and spend time with my kitties. Leaving knowing, I wouldn’t see my fur-babies for at least a month, made leaving them that much harder. Many think cats are always aloof and don’t need a human for more than food, but my cats are not like that. They greet me when I come home, the snuggle with me on the couch, and sleep with me at night.

Cuddles and Coffee

Catching my ride to the airport, the first thing I noticed was how empty the pick-up and drop-off station outside the airport was. When I went inside, I found the same thing. It was indeed an eerie sight. I was able to snap a few pictures to show just how empty the terminal was and how I was able to get through the security process in less than five minutes.

Total Emptiness

For the most part, everything went without a hitch, but as explained in my first log, I don’t walk, so I’m not able to walk through the detector. One of the works in security told me to wait for someone to walk me through and test my hands and chair. Well, I waited. He said something I still don’t understand. Once I told him I was non-ambulatory, his response was, “You’re still going to have to take yourself though I cannot drive your chair.” At first, I thought he didn’t understand that I couldn’t walk. Given my age, it wouldn’t be the first time someone made that assumption because I was “too young” to use a scooter. So I proceeded to repeat myself, and so did the security. After another time around, they had found someone to do the test on my hands and scooter, and I was quickly done and on my way to my gate three hours early.

Very few food areas were open, and there were no restaurants; the only fast food I could find nearby was Auntie Annie’s and Cinnabon. To be fair, those are two of my favorites, so I didn’t mind! Personally, what I saw at the airport odd as it may have been gave me great comfort that with the help of all of the hand sanitizing stations and everyone wearing masks, I felt as safe as I could hope to be.

Flight one that would get me to Minnesota was easy. Even before getting on the plane, they made great efforts to move any passengers flying alone to a row of there own to promote safe social distancing. One of the most exciting parts was the snacks given on the light. Below you’ll find a picture of what this little “snack pack” looked like. It included a packet of cookies, cheese- Itz, water, and personal hand sanitizer.

Snack Pack

To have a layover in Minnesota is never my first choice. This time was no exception. I made it to my gate with an attendant helps, and he did a great job, but even though he insisted that the gate attendant knew I would need an aisle chair and assistance on the plane. By the time it was time for me to get on the flight, I had a new attendant who had not been informed. Therefore the aisle chair was not waiting, and he wheeled me up to the gate as close to the plane as he could saying, “So you got it from here, right?” To which I laughed and said, “No. I cannot walk; I was told you were aware.” Fast forward nearly ten minutes, and I’m still waiting to get onto the plane and fearing that the flight would leave without me. Thankfully one of the other workers who was loading. Baggage that couldn’t fit on the plane blow help to transfer me onto the plane.

What is travel without a little stress and annoyance?

After a quick flight, I was finally home. Despite the moments of stress, I can say that I’m thankful to be back and “enjoying” quarantine with my family. Thankfully we already live in the middle of nowhere, so it doesn’t feel all that bad.

I can’t promise a lot of exciting adventure with Covid on the rise, but I can guarantee that there will be more fun ahead. My kitties will be joining in Wisconsin sooner than expected, along with my instant pot! There will be stories of the fur babies getting used to living in a very different house along with such fun cooking experiments, and so much more.

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